The beverages of our past times

Maybe it’s the cheap beer, maybe it’s the craft beer, it’s probably the excellent wine and might has something to do with Amarula and Northern Cape Mampoer but you should know South Africans really like cracking open a bottle of something whenever we gather socially. I’m not warning you of stumbling drunkards when you get here – I’m just letting you get a taste of what we all seem to enjoy.

I’m actually not a “drinker” by any stretch of the imagination. At most braais I would rather opt for ginger beer or water but at the dinner table one of my greatest pleasures is sharing an excellent bottle of red wine with good friends. Thankfully living in SA means I have an abundance of excellent wine to choose from. Some is very pricy others not so pricy and other are even cheap but heck knows it’s all good. Not everyone likes what I like but quite frankly we cater to all tastes. Wine is simply in abundance.

Do we drink more than  other countries? Possibly. I don’t think we can challenge the Italians and Spaniards but we probably come in a close third. France may think they’re in with a chance but we simply have so much more at a lot better price that somehow I believe they may have to settle for fourth even though I know their Bordeux is excellent.

So, when you’re travelling through our fair land don’t be surprized that we make a happy fuss over alcohol. Micro-breweries lure you in with free tastings and great grub. Markets have pop up bars and sell various concoctions which you can enjoy in a shady spot. Weddings normally feature open bars and wine farms make you pay for the privilege to  sip their latest harvest – money well spent. It’s part of who we are. So try some while you’re here and you’ll probably want to take a lot more home