SA Grub – Malva pudding

As winter finally descends on South Africa we’re all reaching for “winter warmer” food. One of these dishes is Malva Pudding. Which is a bowl of warm steamy perfection that makes you salivate at the end of a meal as it’s served up generously for dessert.

Malva pudding stems from the Dutch but it’s part of our heritage now and I’m mighty glad it is. Malva is a warm spongy pudding dripping with a warm¬†custardy sauce which you normally pour on just before serving. It is indulgence by it’s very nature; there is so much sugar and cream in this dish the sheer look of it makes your cholesterol panic.

It’s best served with actual custard or ice-cream, because the more happiness you consume the better. Eat it warm and eat is with pleasure and have¬†a second helping if the serving dish hasn’t been scraped clean by the time you go back. We only live once after all

Malva is South African in it’s warmth, it’s flavour and it’s generosity. My recipe is a closely guarded secret but hit the search engines and make your own tonight. You will be all the happier for it