Somewhere/Anywhere a clock is ticking

In the past few months we have seen many instances of people in the free world, minding their own business, being targeted by extremists in the name of religion. Religions I’m sure do not advocate this behaviour.

The Manchester Arena attack is the most recent and it chills most people to the bone. To think that children could be targeted as repayment for what the Crusades had done (to paraphrase what was put on the radicalist’s website. This is irrational on so many levels as so called “punishment” and “retribution” should not be dished out at will and today’s society is not responsible for what happened so many years ago.

But no, I don’t really want to get into the ideology about this. I just wonder what a free world is going to look like into the foreseeable future. You can not stop traffic to stop one crazy in a car. We can not stop gatherings for fear of one crazy with a backpack. If we start doing that we have lost so much and some would say that the baddies have then won. But in the meantime, we have to live in a world where security will be exhausting and you will not only be looking over your shoulder, but into the street and into every crowd with a sense of scepticism. The UK has responded as well as can be expected and religious leaders have shown a united front and a lot of the taxi drivers who helped post attack were Muslim but unfortunately I think these responses are not going to quell the fear and the subsequent hate for “the other.” It’s not fair or rational but human preservation is a strong force so here we have a world divided. Whatever motivated Brexit and Trump will be stronger than ever and I am sad because my free world is falling apart.

I want minding your own business to truly be that: Knowing that you can move freely without anyone judging or threatening you and you not threatening or judging anyone because if we do not threaten each other then our differences should really make no difference. We need to accept that it takes all sorts to make a world – that’s life. That is also the only world I want to walk down the street in but here we are and my simple liberties are under threat. No one expects a bomb to blow up next to them at any moment but here we are and world leaders are going to have to figure this one out quickly because we’re all slaves to the radicalism for now.

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