The Optimist vs the Realist vs the uncommon Pessimist


So, like many South Africans, I’ve become completely engrossed in the Gordhan recall and what is to come next. This stop gap between the recall and anyone being told whatever reason for it, is absolutely killing me. It’s killing me because I hate waiting for anything but it’s also affecting me because I keep imagining and wondering what is happening behind the scenes.

My optimistic self imagines at least 50 business leaders and MPs making frantic phone calls to each other to try and stop the fiasco in it’s tracks. My Realist self says that this battle is epic and we the people must just wait because what else are we really going to do but things are not looking good. My pessimistic self says that the president is putting himself and his friends ahead of the country and this time he will continue no matter the consequences. The damage will be done no matter how the party reacts so I don’t think he is scared because any backlash will amount to naught. Sigh

I do believe in the greater good. And I believe in the good of our real leadership. The people who are in the trenches getting things done. I work with some of those people and I know they really want to do the right thing. So, I’m gonna back my realist self but she’s scared and will be infinitely sad and disappointed (not shocked though) if she is wrong.

I don’t know either show very well but it feels like SA are currently staring in a combination of House of Cards and The Game of Thrones, and there’s probably some Blacklist Thrown in there which is ultimately stoking the fire.

One can only hope we’ll know soon enough so that we can all know how to respond and, in my case, get back to work.

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