Where true spirit can be visualised

I had the pleasure of going to the Cape Town 7s Rugby this past weekend. I had never been before and was excited from the beginning. I enjoy rugby a lot and I LOVE Cape Town Greenpoint stadium. It’s beautiful, though I had not had the pleasure to actually attend an event there yet so I was really pleased that I could go for the first time.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the whole day (other than I was sure that my husband and I would have a good time) and I am delighted to say that I was blown away by the event, the organisers, the players and the people.

The whole event is like one big festive really but instead of having a parade you watch 14 very fit athletes show off their skills. Everywhere you looked and went felt like a party. Despite the blistering heat people were dressed up in all kinds of crazy costumes and looked absolutely delighted. Everywhere you looked people were having a great time and cheering the teams on or having their own little games. One group built a cup tower which spanned from the bottom to the top of the stadium. There must have been 1000s of cups. It might seem like a silly thing but it enchanted the stadium and we all gasped when the tower eventually fell down. A lot of people travelled through the stands and we had quite a few visits from people dressed up in crazy outfits and it was so fun chatting to them. Everyone was polite and friendly and we wanted to all share in a good time.

The organisers though efficient were also very relaxed and even the security were rebranded as stewards so as to give the impression that there were there to help. I was lucky enough to sit near one of the main access points to the field where a lot of different people have to come and go and it was great how friendly they were to the guards and the guards to them. Once again, it’s a small thing but watching security to engage in an overly positive way  was refreshing.

I though the number and variety of food stands was also really great. I love a boerewors roll at an event but it would have been hard going if those and hamburgers were the only options available to us for two whole days.  While you could get excellent hamburgers there were also fresh wraps, burritos and fruit available from a variety of food trucks. Queues where never long when I went out and I’m really grateful to the organisers for figuring out this part of eventing. If you wanted snacks you could buy crisps, biltong, ice cream and popcorn from the vendors walking in the stands. So easy.

So in general the vent was really great though the absolute highlight was the fact that a lot for the teams took the time to walk around the entire stadium and thank the crowd for their support. It wasn’t just a quick lap of honour, they would take the time to talk to fans and sign autographs and one player even handed out his kit. My South African pride shone when I saw foreign players thank us for being so positive and festive and supportive during the event. Once again proving that South African’s are friendly and our nature is contagious.

Bring more of the world to Africa. We’ll sort you out with a party and a smile and probably a few beers and super yum food. In the sunshine. or the rain. Just come. We’re always waiting