Just another day

Nandos has done it again and brought out a brilliant advert which illuminates realities which only South Africans can truly appreciate and fortunately laugh at. Take a moment and watch:


South Africans will get this instantly; especially anyone who lives in the cities (with the exception of CT) and have to deal with blue light brigades more often than we’d like to remember. I think it’s funny. Of course it portrays things which are essentially wrong in South Africa but I still love it.

To me it’s about two things: the ridiculous entitlement of our ministers but also (and also greatly so) the great equaliser who is the taxi driver.

Here you have two parts of society: The extremely well paid ministers who are so important that they get rushed everywhere and then the under paid taxi driver who rushes everywhere because his (generally lower LTSM) passengers have real jobs to get to. I love how the taxi driver just takes no nonsense and goes about his day without the drama (because of course the back firing is unintentional) and will certainly get to passengers to their destination before all the ministers in their fancy cars.

Despite being comedic this advert clearly has a lot of symbolism attached to it and I feel like I could go on about it for the whole day. There are probably Sociology students writing PhDs about  what this advert symbolises.

I’m going to leave that to them today but I do invite you to think about it as well.Think what needs to be addressed in terms of what this advert symbolises and enjoy having a laugh while you do it.

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