Motivation is everything

The state of the nation bothers a lot of people. It bothers me. The difference between me and a lot of people is that I really believe in this country. I want to work towards making it better. I am not a politician, or a superhero and can only do so in small ways but I damn well am trying. There are lots of people like me. There are lots who do it better than me. It is encouraging

What’s disheartening are the people who just complain. They complain a lot. Often on Facebook. I feel like I’ve been inundated the past few weeks. Now, I am not for a second pretending that bad things don’t happen. Nor do I think it’s ok for someone to try and break into your house. It most certainly is not.

But I do take issue with people who just seem to complain for complaining’s sake. I wonder what they are doing to try and make it better. You’re living here. You may just as well make an effort. This paraphrased sentiment from Mumford and Sons puts is in perspective for me:  You will only win when your enemy is bigger than your apathy.

And therein lies the truth. People really are complaining for complaining’s sake. They’re not really as badly off as they seem to think or make out to be. Because if things really bothered them enough, IF it really was so important to them they would be doing something to make a change. Most of us are not activists but we are also not helpless.

Start with the basics: Get to know your neighbours. Lead by example. Do not drive drunk. Do not bribe that expecting cop when he pulls you over for driving drunk. Do not allow the municipal worker to tar your driveway for a couple of hundred bucks when that tar is destined to fill potholes. Don’t buy bootleg media. Support your local video store who actually employs someone and thereby support their family. Tip all service. Overtip excellent service. Say please and thank you. Leave some good food for the guy who digs through your rubbish to recycle your plastic. Choose your charities wisely but then give generously. Support your colleagues child’s school raffle. Greet and acknowledge each other. Don’t get angry over nothing and for petes sake – stop complaining and make a difference. And Buz Lurman will be fine if you share your sunscreen.

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