A good giggle at ourselves

Go to You Tube right now and watch the new Santam ad. If you are South African or have ever been to South Africa you are going to enjoy it. You can’t help yourself. It’s a simple ad about insurance but I find it delightful.

Santam want it to drive home appoint about their product offering. For me it drives home a much more important point: South Africa is wonderful and unique and even our problems need to be seen in perspective. It never occurred to me that anyone could laugh at the idea of load-shedding and yet here is it happening in a believable way.

I love the way the country is perceived in this add. The true South Africa I harp on about is in this ad. We have cool hippo crossings, and our car guards really are awesome while we really can pull a pick-up (bakkie) full of water anywhere to make a splash pool and light a braai right next to it. We can and we will and no one will laugh at us. Frankly, I should organise a bakkie and braai party soon. It’s not something I would normally do but what a great idea.

Life is interesting here. Usual and mundane goes out the door as soon as we leave our “Western Offices” in the evening and especially over weekends.

So, if you’re South African remind yourself how great you are and how great we have it here and if you’re not South African some visit and we’ll teach you about a Chop ‘n Dop and we’ll watch out for baboons.