Vote Home SA`

It’s no secret that I’m a Big mush ball when it comes to things that make me a Proud South African. So, It was with tears in my eyes that I read about South African’s voting abroad today.

I would some pics on News24 ( ) and as I saw the queues and the smiling faces I teared up and am still snivelling.

I would like to thank every South African voting abroad for proving that this country means something to you. No matter where you are and why you’re there I am touched by the fact that you will take time out of your day (in most cases a work day) to say what you want for your home. I am deeply touched by this and the country thanks you.

There are so many negative people out there when it comes to SA but when you vote you prove what I know about real South Africans. People who I feel truly embody what being South African is about. The characteristics which I know MOST South Africans feature. Real South Africans are generous, kind and care about each other. Screw the politicians and the criminals who mess with that image and screw the media for making the world believe that’s all we have to offer

So, give all voting South African’s abroad a Bells. I truly love you all.