South African grub – sheer lack of availability.

One of the biggest frustrations to visitors to our fair land is that there are very few restaurants that serve true local fare. My favourite in JHB, Gramadoelas, closed last year, at it has left a painful gap in the food & wine industry. I must say, considering how generous South African’s are when it comes to food, I am very surprised more places don’t serve the kind of fare you long for from your granny’s kitchen. It’s weird.

If I had a financial backer I would quite my job TODAY and open a truly South African restaurant. With great food, great local brew and wine and a true warmth which makes it feel like home. I know exactly how to do it. I come from a hospitality family so I know what I’m up against. I just need the money. Hint, hint, nudge nudge any wealthy philanthropists. Think of the heritage I’m promoting.

Hey, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, I’ll spend the next few weeks highlighting my firm favourites. So, watch this space.

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