Nek nominating the South African way is much cooler

If like me, you don’t really know what a “nek nomination” is I refer you to this definition by Urban Dictionary

“An internet/social media trend where one is nominated by a friend to post a video of them drinking large amounts of alcohol usually in a funny, creative, or absurd way. This normally involves the chugging of multiple beers, 26ers, or mickeys. The nominee must complete a challenge within 24 hours of being nominated. Once the challenge is complete the person then nominates three other friends to each complete their own version of a nek nomination video, post it online, challenge three more friends, and the cycle continues.”

Yeah, definitely not something I considerable fun or admirable. What a waste of good drink and you’re probably slaughtered afterwards. Not cool. Not fun.

Perhaps Brent Lindeque from South Africa was thinking the same thing when he decided to do something different and good with his nomination. He filmed himself giving a homeless person some food and then nominated two other people to do the same (well, give to the less fortunate in any case). He has taken something rather ridiculous and turned it into something positive.

Brent could have lived in any country in the world but he lives in South Africa where he brings attention to a serious problem and prompts people to think about it an act about it. His YouTube video of his revised nek nomination has over 100 000 views so I think he’s making a difference. He makes me proud to be South African. We like to party but we’re also generous and like to help those around us. He is leading SA

I know the nominations have taken effect with several charities posting on Facebook that they have received donations from people taking part in nek nominations. May the trend long continue. There are a lot of people yet to be nominated.  



South African grub – sheer lack of availability.

One of the biggest frustrations to visitors to our fair land is that there are very few restaurants that serve true local fare. My favourite in JHB, Gramadoelas, closed last year, at it has left a painful gap in the food & wine industry. I must say, considering how generous South African’s are when it comes to food, I am very surprised more places don’t serve the kind of fare you long for from your granny’s kitchen. It’s weird.

If I had a financial backer I would quite my job TODAY and open a truly South African restaurant. With great food, great local brew and wine and a true warmth which makes it feel like home. I know exactly how to do it. I come from a hospitality family so I know what I’m up against. I just need the money. Hint, hint, nudge nudge any wealthy philanthropists. Think of the heritage I’m promoting.

Hey, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, I’ll spend the next few weeks highlighting my firm favourites. So, watch this space.