Knocking on heaven’s door

Today is a historic day in world history as the world unites to remember one man – Nelson Mandela. Thousands of South Africans are making their wat to FNB Stadium (Soccer City) to share in a tribute to a man who became a guiding light to us and millions the world over. The world watches as international news agencies report on this one occassion. A lot of dignitries, kings and presidents and ex-presidents from around the world have arrived to bow their heads with us. The world is knocking on heaven’s door to pay their last respects. Even in death Mandela has made people put aside their differences to come together for a common goal. A goal driven by respect and love. Where else will you find the USA President on the same program as the Cuban president. There is a message there about putting aside your differences for a common cause. A lot can be achieved when you acknowledge that we’re all just human driven by the same needs and desires. I swear that if the Dali Lama would have been allowed in SA then the world would have ended today because for a few hours the world will be united in figurative world peace. The Christian God foretold that world peace will be a sign for the end of the world and we’re one man short of that. It may have been apt for the world to start and end in Africa. Yes, I may seem a bit dramatic but don’t be distracted from my sincerety. One man has brought the world together in a way that may never be experienced again. Thank whatever god you believe in that you’re on earth today to see this.

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