Mandela, Madiba, Tata – thanks

It’s a heart moving day in South Africa today. One of our fathers, our stalwarts have passed away and most of us are feeling rather down. I want to walk up to everyone I come across and say “sorry for your loss”. There are few occasions in life where you share a common bond with just about everyone you’ll ever meet and this sad day is one of them.

Every South African shares Madiba. Most of us adored him and even those who didn’t have to admitt that he meant a lot to this nation and shaped the way we came out of Apardheid. Since he was in prison at the time he couldn’t be at the forefront of negotations to end this blemish on our past but it is how he reacted once out that set the scene of how things could be.

As the leader of the ANC millions looked to him for leadership and what a leader he proved to be. He acted with dignity, did not portray revenge or hatred, loved children and loved South Africa. You are not simply an icon because you led a quiet revolution, you are an icon because of how you act and treat others. Because of the messages you send to the world and the fact that the world wants to live up to the ideals you portray.  He led by example and as it was such a good example thankfully millions of people enthusiastically followed.

In many ways he followed his heart and what makes him most important to me is that I believe he represents hte reality that most South Africans are inherintally good and just want to live a happy and peaceful life. We do not mean each other harm and we are willing to help each other if given the opportunity. When you think of Mandela think of all South Africans because his generosity and compassion and love is prevelant throughout out nation’s people.

May the legend live on in everyone’s hearts and in the generations to come because if we can keep our eyes set on his example this will remain a great nation, the nation everyone dreamed of nearly 20 years ago

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