The omnipresent mountain

I’ve just had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Cape Town and I can not help but now write about “The Mountain”. Everyone knows about The Mountain. It is a key feature of Cape Town and was recently dubbed one of the Wonders of the World. Tha’t no small feat for a mountain – there are thousands of them afterall.

The thing about The Mountain though is that it is inherintly intrinsicly mystically linked to anyone’s visit to the Mother City. The Mountain looms over the city with beauty and grace and an energy that is hard to explain. While you are there she watches over you and no matter where you go you can look up at The Mountain and know that she is there. Her presense stretches far and wide and there is nothing like being in the CBD or the northern suburbs and looking up to see The Mountain. She’s just there. Part of your life. Really omnipresent. There is a reassurance in knowing the mountain is there. She is testiment to beauty and discovery and hope.

I often wonder what it must have been like to be Jan Van Riebeek sailing around the Cape and seeing that Mountain for the first time. The Mountain with it’s blue haze and it’s clouds and it’s protective slopes leading into the bay. There were probably animals on the plains below the mountain. Probably hundreds of animals that dazzled the sunlight as the moved in heards through the grass. So, there you are, a banished soul who is welcomed by a massive rock outdcrop and golden flashes from her base. A whole new world and the first thing you see if The Mountain.

Today your mountain is my mountain. No matter who you are or where you come from when you look up at The Mountain, we are familair to each other and we are all home. 


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