My husband was black in two previous lives

When it comes to the dance floor black people have a certain confidence and style that out swags just about anyone else. They own the dance floor and they love it. So, you can imagine my surprise when my metal head husband took to the dance floor at his end of year fucntion with the same swaggeer and confidence last night. I know he has rhythm and can dance but I did not know he could break it down like a black man. It also got incredibly excited by just about any song that came up of the speakers. When I say metal head I mean that is all he generally listens to. But there he was, busting moves to Rihanna. I don’t know what came over him but it made him happy and I danced along in solidarity to whatever he wanted. I can’t dance but he dominated the lime light so what do I care.

And so we danced the night away to all kinds of music and with just about every group. Everyone just had a splendid time as we all pretended we knew how to dance to hip hop, drum and base, Afrikaans sokkie music, Taylor Swift, Kelly Klarkson and Ri Ri. It was fabulous as well all came together as people to just have a good time. Music can do that. Everyday I’m suffeling

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