AC/DC would like Jo’burg in the summer

Jo’burg is not high on any sightseeing lists. It’s a city with some charm and some history but it’s not seen as overtly beautiful. I love this city for many reasons so I think it’s beautiful and I reckon mother nature agrees with me. In the summer she lights Jo’burg up with the most stunning electrical storms. For just about an hour every afternoon heavy clouds gather our part of the Highveld and with almost no notice start lighting up the sky with tenacity. The sight it stunning and awe-inspiring and humbling quite frankly. As the lighting crashes around and the thunder rumbles throughout the grey sky you feel small. But you also feel alive, and you feel lucky to see such wonderment for free and from where you safely sit in our your house or office block. You don’t want to be outside in this weather but you do want to enjoy it. It’s a natural wonder and once you’ve been through one you will acknowledge that this may be the most powerful thing you’ll ever witness. It’s a recurring near guarenteed performance. So, if you’re passing through Jo’burg on a summer afternoon hole up safely with coffee, whiskey or wine, and wait for mother nature to show off.

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