An unexpected Proudly South African moment

While waiting for a rave-reviewed Hollywood prodcution to start in the cinema I was not prepared to be hit with emotion of how much I love this country. But there it was, a simple trailer for the new Madiba movie. It’s simply a man walking through a field in the Eastern Cape being eagerly surrounded by chldren who dash around as they run the trail. Just remembering the clip brings tears to my eyes.

It’s simple but it speaks volumes to us who know who this man is and know where this field is. The Eastern Cape, there Madiba grew up is incredibly rural and the people there live simple and often harsh lives. And yet it is strikingly beautiful and children play and grow enthusiastically. 

From humble beginings comes an icon who inspires millions of people across the world. I often think that South African’s don’t fully realise how much of an icon he is to others. He is our Tata (grandfather) and we love him as our own and apprecaite him for who he is and what he symbolises. As a South African I can not conceptualise how those across land and sea see this man who means so much. It’s weird to me.

I can imagine how every fan of Brad Pitt or Andries Strauss feels about them as I am also a fan. They are not “mine” though, they are not part of my history in the same way Madiba is an so I don’t know or apprecaite how others feel about him.

I just know that they do and it’s amazing.

I’m gonna stop crying now – for a little while at least 

Here’s to you Mr President – not

Since I never thought I would ever mention the man I did not think my first post would include President Zuma. But here is a sentiment that’s all over FB that I need to share:

When Nelson Mandela spoke we were inspired

When Mbeki spoke we reached for the dictionary

When Zuma speaks wait for Mac Maharaj to do damage control and “clarify”. Urgh